Porsche luxury cars sponsors first "Jewelry Salon" show in Jeddah and Riyadh
الاربعاء, April 18, 2012

Jeddah – SAMACO, the sole dealer of Porsche luxury sporty cars in Saudi Arabia, sponsors the International Jewelry and Watches Show "Jewelry Salon" which were organized in Jeddah and Riyadh successively.

The first edition of "Jewelry Salon" was held in Jeddah Hilton Hotel, with the participation of many jewellery and luxury watches  companies, and attended by a large number of jewelry dealers, collectors and many concerned people.

Porsche, the jewel of sporty cars, sponsored the show and showcased at its both stands at the show, the recently launched two models 911 Carrera and Panamera GTS, which attracted a great number of visitors.

Commenting on participating in the show, Mr.  Sherein Nassef, General Manager of Porsche Saudi Arabia, said that participating in the Jewelry Salon comes within Samaco and Porsche's marketing plans, it is an upscale  exhibition  and attracts important segment of elite Saudi society especially women; whom wish to collect valuable items including  Porsche cars, which is one of the world's most luxurious brands.

The 2nd edition of the exhibition was held in the Saudi capital, Alriyadh, to complement Jeddah's exhibition. Porsche, as well, was there as the Saudi capital   is an important market for Porsche cars and increasingly posts high demand on Porsche cars.

Porsche two stands at the exhibition staffed with highly skilled sales consultants who briefed the visitors about the advanced technicality and  sophisticated  specifications of both models 911 Carrera and Panamera GTS.  Many visitors, including ladies, visited Porsche stands and showed great interest in Porsche cars.

Nassef added that the year 2012 is a milestone for Porsche cars, both on local and global levels. Globally, the legendary and Porsche's icon model 911 Carrera, which debuted in 1963, maintained its leading position in the luxury sporty cars segment for more than five decades. Panamera GTS, as well, enjoyed broad admiration and acceptance in view of its strong sporty performance.

He added: "Our participation in both Jeddah and Riyadh editions of  "Jewelry Salon" exhibition was based on solid growth strategy, which is another quality step to strengthen  our presence in Saudi Arabia market as well as to enhance our reputation as dealers of the world's leading sporty cars  manufacture. This is clearly reflected in the highest standards of our cars which correspond to the leading and high quality jewels that had been showcased at both exhibitions."