With its breath-taking curves, unbridled spirit and pioneering technology, you will not find it easy to resist the Scirocco. Its arguments are just too compelling.

The Scirocco – in all of its 360° glory

Performance, optional equipment and pricing are naturally important parameters when buyers are searching for their perfect car. We’ll let you know about all that and more in these pages – but the first and perhaps most important impression starts with the eyes: What are the unique design elements? What impression does the interior make? Just click on the arrows in the 360° view to manoeuvre around the car and discover the Scirocco’s interior and exterior highlights.

Listen to your heart

Do you have a passion for expressive design? Then the Scirocco is sure to make your pulse quicken. Its aggressive stance when stopped makes it seem racier than some other contenders do in full gear. The powerfully styled rear, the wide shoulders and the charismatic front end with the new Volkswagen face skilfully convey its dynamic potential.

Let common sense prevail

The Scirocco makes being sensible very easy. That is because it is a sports coupé for every day of the year. With ample room for four passengers. A boot with plenty of luggage space. And innovative driver assistance systems that guarantee a safe and sporty driving feel.

Let your gut feeling prevail

It has the spirit to send tingles of excitement down your spine. With its passion and will to perform, the Scirocco provides a thrilling driving experience – thanks to its standard sports suspension and range of powerful engines. Enjoy maximum performance with minimal consumption with the award-winning Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) (Source: ADAC “Gelber Engel 2008” in the category “Innovation und Environment”).


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Features & Colours

Colourful: the finish.. Luxury: available in leather.. Variety: the upholstery..

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Dynamica & Practicality

Let your gut feeling prevail: driving dynamics. Let common sense prevail: practicality.

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